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Workers’ Compensation

Guidance in Work Compensation Cases

Many workers who have been injured on the job fail to realize that they require professional assistance in handling their injury claim. In most cases, their employers’ insurance companies or the employers themselves try to prevent the workers from obtaining the compensation. If that’s the situation, an injured worker needs help from an aggressive work injury attorney who will present their case calmly and objectively. At New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group, we go an extra mile to make sure our clients obtain all the benefits they are entitled to.

Work Compensation Should Cover:

  • Medical bills– you are entitled to the compensation for the whole amount of the medical expenses you had after the injury
  • Lost wages– in case you took time off to recuperate from the work injury, you have the right to a percentage of your weekly wage
  • Job displacement– you are entitled to compensation in case you had to change jobs or job positions due to your injury

Obtain Help from a Dedicated Work Injury Lawyer

It’s difficult to remain impartial when your health has been jeopardized. You probably feel scared and insecure, which is exactly why you need a reliable and understanding attorney at your side. Your attorney will present your case before the judge and help you deal with insurance providers and your managers, who might try to deny you the benefits. It’s worth noting that injured workers who don’t seek legal assistance typically manage to recover four times less compensation than those with legal representation. This is a figure that clearly shows the importance of having a competent lawyer to represent your best interests and secure fair compensation.

Caring and Compassionate

Attorneys at New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group are not only experienced and qualified but also understanding and personally dedicated to every client. They realize that the most important thing is for you to get better, recover both mentally and physically, and resume your work duties as soon as possible.

Our attorneys will talk you through the whole claims process and establish what you can do if your claim is denied. They don’t back down if something doesn’t go according to plan but instead reevaluate the initial strategy and adapt to the circumstances. They always keep you in the loop and never handle any issue without your consent. Most importantly, our lawyers personally make sure that you get the best possible care so your health is restored.

Personal Involvement in Every Case

What separates our work injury attorneys from all others is the level of commitment to each case. We want to make sure that our clients obtain the full compensation they are entitled to by law. Many workers feel reluctant to file an injury claim because they feel the injury was a mishap or even that it was their fault. That is why it’s imperative that we get to the bottom of every case, investigate the specific circumstances and determine the amount of compensation the client can obtain.

We go a step further than simply take on a client. At our attorney group, we ensure that each client is matched with an attorney that has the most experience and professional background with similar cases.

Work Injury Attorneys in New Jersey

Competent work injury lawyers at New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group will employ the resources at their disposal to help you obtain full and fair benefits for your injury. If you are in need of legal representation, give us a call at 973-500-4010or fill out our online form.