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Injured at Work?

What to Do if You Suffered an Injury at Work

Even though the law regulates work practices and prescribes safety measures, it’s not uncommon that accidents happen at work. Regardless of whether the injured worker has a full or part-time employment contract, they are entitled to workers’ compensation according to New Jersey law. Both employers and employees should be aware of this, as both parties have to take action in case of an injury.

A worker who sustained a physical or psychological injury on the job first has to report the injury to their supervisor/manager/employer. It’s ill-advised to wait it out and hope the injury will heal itself. Namely, even if an injury or illness doesn’t need immediate treatment, it doesn’t mean it won’t get more severe. Unfortunately, by then it might be too late to file a work injury claim and get fair compensation.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Benefits

Workers should be aware that they have 90 days to report the injury after it happens. In case of an illness, the same deadline applies. If they fail to do so, the employer is more likely to deny the worker any benefits. By the same token, the insurance company can also deny the benefits for the injury or illness.

The general rule of thumb is to report any accident or mishap that might have resulted in a more severe injury. Moreover, it’s advisable to have written records if possible, so that documentation can be used by either party in the claims proceedings if it eventually takes place.

Seek Professional Assistance from an Injury Attorney in New Jersey

When you have reported the injury to your employer, you should consult a reliable work injury lawyer who can advise you on the steps you should take going forward. Your lawyer should provide guidance and advice on how to handle all further communication concerning your injury.

At New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group, we ensure that our clients are thoroughly familiar with how the claims process works and what options they have. Our caring attorneys also make sure that the client gets the appropriate medical care before any action is taken.

Aggressive and Professional Representation

When you contact New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group, we make it a priority to connect you with a seasoned work injury professional that already has extensive experience in handling cases like yours. All information you disclose to us is strictly confidential and will only be used to find a suitable attorney-client match. You will have the chance to meet your prospective attorney during a no-charge consultation to talk you case through and devise a plan of action. All our lawyers provide their services on a contingency basis and you won’t be charged a dime unless your case is successfully completed. Contact us today at 973-500-4010 and we will be glad to refer a top work compensation lawyer.