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About Us

Trusted Work Injury Lawyers in New Jersey

With a track record as impressive as ours, it’s natural to understand why our attorneys are trusted throughout New Jersey. The quality of the legal representation we provide is based on the meticulousness and dedication with which our attorneys approach each case. Our motivation springs from the singular objective to help injured workers obtain fair benefits for their work-related injury or illness, and guide them through the complex claims process.

Ethical, Understanding and Dedicated

We feel very deeply with our clients and always make sure they receive proper medical care before they enter the claims process. Our lawyers understand that the physical and psychological well-being of our clients has been compromised, yet often neglected in the course of events, when it should be the primary concern.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group boasts talented and passionate work injury attorneys who will always go an extra mile for you and secure the following:

  • Smooth communication with the employer and their insurance carrier
  • Proper paperwork filing and documentation
  • Evidence that your injury occurred as a result of a work-related activity or circumstances
  • No delay, modification or denial of your claim
  • Full and fair compensation

Uncompromising Commitment to Every Client

Experienced attorneys at our joint marketing group can provide aggressive representation in a variety of work injury cases. Regardless of the line of work, type of injury or specific circumstances, they have what it takes to assess the situation objectively and represent your best interests. It’s especially noteworthy that they have vast experience in successfully handling stress-related claims, which are particularly sensitive and require paying attention to detail and protecting the client every step of the way.

Premier Legal Representation by Top Work Comp Attorneys in New Jersey

At New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group, our aggressive attorneys are not intimidated if you come to us with a claim that has previously been modified or denied. Don’t get discouraged or have second thoughts about hiring a competent attorney – not everything is lost. Our work injury lawyers know how to handle such cases so you get the benefits you have the right to. They will handle the negotiations with your employer and the insurance company, present the facts and get to the bottom of your case.

Work Comp Lawyer in New Jersey

Don’t risk losing the benefits for acting too late – get in touch with New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group at 973-500-4010. We will provide a no-charge referral service and put your through to a highly qualified work injury lawyer with experience in cases similar to yours. We will schedule a free no-obligation initial consultation, after which you can decide whether to hire our services or not. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you win your case.